DHSI - Javascript & D3 Day 1

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The pizza problem about human limitation in understanding area. Look for more.

CSMT and dh student topic modeling book reviews visualized as forced-irected graphs

D3 is moving towards nodejs. The class doesn’t go into the nodejs changes. Nodejs works server-side instead of local browser-side.

Intro metaphor

What is a noun? Not a trick question.

First answer was a person, place, or thing. Second answer was a word that names something. Third answer was a word for identity. Also referential, points to something, and a concept. Last is that it’s static.

What is an adjective?

Has caracteristics, describes, refinement, dependent, aesthetics.

What is a verb?

Action, command, time, movement, transition, interaction, potential, cause and effect.

  • Nouns are HTML, SVG, because they’re containers.

  • Adjectives are attributes. They describe the nouns of markup languages. Javascript is the verb. It moves, defines the behavior, slide, appear and disappear. D3 is a library of javascript.

Syntax differences between HTML and CSS. …